Quarterly service and finance reports

In 2018, the Commission resolved that Legal Aid WA would report at regular intervals on its performance. The Commission's view was that the once-a-year Annual Report was insufficient and that Legal Aid WA should report quarterly.

Western Australians have a right to clearly understand Legal Aid WA’s performance and so these reports will be publicly available on our website. We will produce these reports every quarter to provide updates on our services, outputs, financial position and priority projects. More regular release of information is consistent with broader moves across government to open data. We’re confident that more transparent information will contribute to better operational efficiency and improved engagement with stakeholders. 

It is taxpayers’ money that we use and we are an open and accountable organisation. Creating and distributing quarterly reports in this way will put Legal Aid WA at the forefront of openness and transparency in the Western Australian public sector. 

You can read the most recent quarterly report below and download copies of quarterly reports from the past two years.

infographic from current quarterly report

Priority project updates

New service launched

In early October, Legal Aid WA launched a new service that allows someone who is experiencing hardship to clear their court fines. They do this by participating in approved work, or development activities. These activities include unpaid work, mental health treatment, vocational training or drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This new service will keep people out of prison for unpaid fines and help them turn their lives around.

New wrap-around service

Legal Aid WA is providing a lawyer to the new Naala Djookan family violence hub at Mirrabooka. The hub is a ten-agency centre that provides an integrated ‘one-stop-shop’ service to victims. The hub simplifies access to specialist family violence services in one safe, inclusive and welcoming location. Our lawyer is triaging legal issues; providing advice to clients; delivering community legal education; and applying for grants of aid.

Best in class

On 11 November the Auditor General tabled a report in Parliament naming Legal Aid WA as a best practice entity for the quality of financial reporting and controls. The report acknowledges the performance of Legal Aid WA across many criteria, including the timely preparation for audit, high quality financial and key performance indicator reporting, and the maintenance of good financial management controls.

New Commissioner

In November, the Governor appointed Alana Padmanabham as a Commissioner. Alana has over 15 years experience in criminal law. She has her own firm and appears in all Western Australian criminal jurisdictions. Alana is enthusiastic about legal aid and feels strongly about access to justice.

Award winner

In October, Legal Aid WA’s Giulia Reale-Fucile won the Criminal Lawyers Association’s Hodge Award. The Hodge Award goes to a person who is ‘an inspirational role model for other young criminal lawyers.’ The winner also has to ‘demonstrate leadership within the criminal law community’ and be a lawyer who ‘promotes justice and equality.’ The Hodge award is fabulous recognition for Giulia, who, in our Youth Law Team, makes the impossible possible every day.

Financial performance

Legal Aid is forecasting a better than expected result at the end of the financial year. The forecast deficit of $3.36 million is upon the basis of accrual accounting standards. It includes a $2.015 million accounting adjustment for leases and a $2.848 million carryover as a result of an underspend the previous year, partially offset by expected salary savings of $1.294 million.

Financial performance Year-to-date December 2020 Forecast^ June 2021
Commonwealth funding $33,221,436 $41,961,429
State funding $31,854,540 $54,411,077
Other income $1,922,061 $3,348,240

Total revenue



Total expenditure







* The operating surplus of $15,413,150 as at 31 December 2020 is due to the receipt of Commonwealth and State funding in advance which is scheduled to be expended by the end of June 2021. 

^ Forecast Actuals to the end of June are Legal Aid WA's best estimate of where were believe the Commission's finances are currently expected to be at the 2020-21 year end. 

These are management figures and have not been audited.



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